Meeker in the winter, facing northwest from the Mesa above the White River.
Meeker, facing southeast. “The Mesa” south of Meeker and the upriver country in the background.
Meeker, Colorado is the county seat of Rio Blanco County. The county encompasses 3,228 square miles and reaches east to west 108 miles from the forested mountains of the White River National Forest to the oil-rich sand hills along the county’s western borders.
Thirty five miles north to south, the Rio Blanco County incorporates only two towns, Meeker and Rangely.
Situated in northwest Colorado on the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains, Meeker is 100 miles northeast of Grand Junction, 80 miles east of Utah and 86 miles south of Wyoming.
The population of Meeker is around 2,200, Rangely has 2,200 and about 2,000 people live in rural Rio Blanco County.
The major employers are government, mining, oil and gas, ranching and recreation.
Meeker is an exceptionally clean town with wide, well-maintained streets. Sitting in a beautiful, green valley beside the White River, Meeker offers all of the modern day conveniences with a touch of the past and old fashioned western hospitality.
Where Mule Deer roam the deserted Main Street at night and browse on the rich grass of the courthouse lawn. Where our kids walk or ride their bikes to school and we never need to worry. Where the County plows the snow in front of the school busses and the schools never have to close, no “snow days”!
The White River Valley east of Meeker taken from County Road 8, the Flat Tops Trail Scenic Byway.
Meeker, at an elevation of 6,249 feet, has generally warm summers, cold winters with low humidity.
The air quality is excellent and days filled with sunshine and blue skies are more the rule than the exception. An elevation change from 6,200 feet to over 10,000 feet causes distinct differences in climate between the valley floors and the mountainous areas.
Summer afternoon temperatures range from the low 70s into the 90s, while nights are cool and range from the 40s to the upper 50s. Winter time temperatures are usually between -5 to 20 degrees at night and can get clear up into the 30s and low 40s during the day.
The Ute Indians called the White River the “Smoking River” and the White River country “the land of the shining mountains.” In 1879 the Utes rebelled and massacred Nathan Meeker, Indian Agent, and his workers. This resulted in the Utes being forcibly removed to a reservation in eastern Utah.
Today, the resources treasured by the Utes still abound.

Recreational opportunities are unlimited in this rustic, unspoiled four-season playground.
Meeker, nestled in the White River valley, is the western gateway to the Flat Tops Wilderness Area, the White River National Forest, and the Flat Tops Trail Scenic Byway.
The White River National Forest has the largest population of elk in the world, and abundant Mule Deer. 78% of Rio Blanco County is government owned so there is plenty of public land to enjoy. The Trout fishing is superb. There are 111 miles of fishable streams and 780 acres of lakes. In addition to hunting and fishing, you can enjoy boating, horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, four wheeling, photography, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and much more.
Here is a land of peace where the only traffic jams occur when ranchers trail sheep or cattle through town and along the highways to summer or winter pastures.
A land of insurmountable beauty where wild flowers embroider the meadows in summer; yellow-gold Quaking Aspens intermingle with red Gambel Oaks and evergreens in fall. The mountains and valleys dress in crystalline white in winter.

The White River Museum, on Park Ave. behind the Court House in Meeker, is full of mementos of this area’s rich past. Don’t miss it. The Meeker Golf Course is an excellent 9 hole course where, except during tournaments, you never need a tee time.
The Pioneers Hospital, Meeker Family Health Center, and clean air and water keep us healthy.
Preschool through grade 12, a community college, and good old rural American common sense prepare us for life. We never have to worry about floods, tornadoes, earthquakes or gangs. The Meeker schools rank very high in the state.
This is the home of the 4th of July Range Call Rodeo, the Smoking River Pow Wow in the summer, the Rio Blanco County Fair in August, the Meeker Classic Sheepdog Trials in September, and The Winter Games & Snowmobile Races in the winter.
There are many campgrounds and guest lodges in the area but Meeker is far from a “tourist trap”.
This is where people come to fish, hunt and vacation away from the crowds. The Meeker area is a great place to raise a family, a wonderful place to live and work, and it’s an excellent area to retire to.
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No One Knows This White River Country Like We Do.